The Individual JoyCatchers Mini-Tree Decorating Kits we introduced in 2020 were a huge hit and will now become part of our annual offerings to organizations.

These will be in addition to JoyCatchers decorated trees and JoyCatchers Tree Trim Activity that will take place whenever in-person group activities can be done safely and within Covid protocols. Our goal is to give 1000 trees in 2021.

We look to individuals and to companies for contributions and together we can fulfill these requests and bring joy to adults “one holiday tree at a time.”

Give the Gift of Joy – Year Round
In order to make maximum use of donations received and take advantage of sales, we purchase decorations every month of the year. Contributions are welcome year-round, either one time, or recurring monthly payments.

Please visit our Giving page anytime during the year to find out ways to help us bring trees to more people. For more details on all JoyCatchers’ activities visit our Activities page. Learn more about our Founder, Charla King, some of our recipients and what makes our JoyCatchers trees unique. Read testimonials from our recipients and volunteers. Visit our Photo Gallery. Download the JoyCatchers brochure.

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