JoyCatchers trees represent the work of a stranger, a stranger who cares about what is happening to folks who are home and/or bed-bound…For some this will be the last gift they receive…JoyCatchers is a perfectly designed balance of volunteer effort and amazing results. Noerena Abookire, Ph.D

We used the trees in the Day Center and also gave them to residents for their personal room decorations. I think that personally decorated trees are a nice way to show the ladies someone is thinking of themLauren, Community and Corporate Engagement Coordinator, Downtown Women’s Center

One of our patients died before Christmas. She left behind a grieving husband and a teenage daughter. They came to our office and I had the daughter pick out a tree and I sent it home with her. I am sure it was the only Christmas decoration they had as they were struggling financially and overwhelmed with the care and then death of their loved one. Leslie, Hospice Volunteer Coordinator

It’s amazing that something so small can brighten someone’s room and make them smile… It is a privilege to receive them. Joy Catchers-they are indeed! Thank you again for caring about America’s Heroes and making a difference! Carrie, Recreation Specialist for the Department of Veterans affairs in West LA

Our patients are always deeply touched by your generosity and delivering these trees I have the honor of witnessing the joy in their patients’ faces. I can’t think of a better name as they truly do spread joy. Mary, Registered Nurse

We had such a great time and felt such joy being a part of something so much bigger than us. What you have created is truly remarkable. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to touch the hearts of all those impacted by the JoyCatchers project. Sheila, Tree Trimming Participant

Learn more about our Founder, Charla King, some of our recipients and what makes our JoyCatchers trees unique. Visit our Photo Gallery. Download the JoyCatchers brochure.

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