Woman holding decorated treeWhat we make with our hands, we give with our hearts

We invite you to donate so we can make the 900 decorated trees we give to bring joy to seniors, veterans, homeless and people in hospice. Thank you.

Bringing Joy to Adults One Holiday Tree at a Time

JoyCatchers was founded in 2006 with the mission of helping adults “catch joy.” Our signature activity is providing hand decorated holiday trees each created by one individual, from one heart and pair of hands to another.

Over the past twelve years JoyCatchers has donated 5,130 decorated mini artificial trees to seniors, veterans, people in hospice, the homeless, individuals struggling with illness and those living alone or in assisted living. Trees are decorated by groups and organizations at holiday JoyCatchers Tree Trim activities.

A JoyCatchers tree is a means to “catch the joy” of the holiday season and share it with those who may be alone, lonely, or ill during a season when much of society is in an exuberant, celebratory mode.

Learn more about our Founder, Charla King and what makes our JoyCatchers trees unique. Read testimonials from our recipients and volunteers. Visit our Photo Gallery. Download the JoyCatchers brochure.

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JoyCatchers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization