joycatchersgeneralthumb2019 – Another Year of Joy Successfully Delivered
We are delighted to share with you the wonderful news that in 2019, we gave away 1,050 decorated JoyCatchers Holiday Trees through the combined help of donors and trimmers. And this year, 2020, we already have lots of requests for trees and Tree Trims.

Some nonprofits ask us to bring the JoyCatchers Tree Trim Activity to them for their program participants to have the joy of making a tree for themselves or someone else. Other trees are decorated  by organizations and groups of friends beginning in October and by JoyCatchers volunteers with the trees hand delivered in December to seniors, veterans, homeless, and people in hospice and assisted living.

What Our Recipients are Saying
“I didn’t know it could be so easy to give to someone else,”
said one young man who decorated a tree for a veteran and then went on to decorate two more.

Cancer patients decorating trees when asked if they learned any special ways to help in their fight for recovery and responded
“Yes…healing laughter and new relationships;”
“The feeling of peace decorating a tree gave me;”
“Decorating and being able to donate the tree to someone else.”
And this…”It was fun to feel joyful.”

Many recipients of the trees tell us they keep their tree up year-round to remind them that someone cares about them.

Give the Gift of Joy – Year Round
We are already scouting out trees and decorations for this year’s Tree Trim Activities and as soon as what we find goes on sale, we buy them to make the best use of money donated to us. You can help us in our efforts. Contributions are welcome year-round, either one time, or recurring monthly payments.

Please visit our Giving page anytime during the year to find out ways to help us bring trees to more people. For more details on all JoyCatchers’ activities visit our Activities page. Learn more about our Founder, Charla King, some of our recipients and what makes our JoyCatchers trees unique. Read testimonials from our recipients and volunteers. Visit our Photo Gallery. Download the JoyCatchers brochure.

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