treetrimcloseupdsc_2180-1JoyCatchers gives decorated artificial tabletop size trees to seniors, veterans and adults in need of joy during the holidays.

JoyCatchers was created in 2006 by Charla King to honor her mother who shared her joy of creativity and holidays. From a simple idea – to volunteer and give trees to people in need of cheering up during the holiday season – a group of friends got together to decorate 35 trees for a convalescent hospital in Santa Monica, California. “Let’s do it again,” they said and so the JoyCatchers Tree Trim grew into an annual tradition of bringing joy to adults…one holiday tree at a time.

Recipients loved the trees. They brought them joy. Word spread.  Now, more than 800 trees are given away annually in December. Most trees are delivered trimmed and ready to be enjoyed. Some are delivered to non-profits as a Tree Trim Activity for their seniors, adults, veterans and people in cancer support programs to decorate trees as a group activity or Community Service project.

From its grassroots beginnings 12 years ago to the present day, JoyCatchers has given away 5,130 decorated artificial tabletop trees, all funded by individual contributions from caring individuals.

The idea of our Founder, Charla King, to honor her mother’s caring spirit and love of the holidays has flourished beyond expectations. Remaining today an all-volunteer group, JoyCatchers became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2016 to continue its mission to bring joy to adults…one holiday tree at a time.

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Learn more about our Founder, Charla King and what makes our JoyCatchers trees unique. Read testimonials from our recipients and volunteers. Visit our Photo Gallery. Download the JoyCatchers brochure.

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JoyCatchers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization   Federal Taxpayer I.D. # 81-3170249